NJRID and National RID have an array of resources available to interpreters. And we're always looking for professional or community links to post.

Leadership Institute: For Interpreters

The Leadership Institute: for Interpreters (LII) provides tools and resources needed to effectively lead ourselves, and one another through this critical time of change.  See their link under Resources links

Certification Testing Information

The National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf website is an excellent resource for updated information on RID Certification Test Sites and dates.

Injury Prevention

Below you will find informative links to help prevent common interpreter injuries.
"Overuse Syndrome Among Sign Language Interpreters" by Gary Sanderson
"Interpreting-Interpreters and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome" from Jaime Berke, Your Guide to Deafness 

RID Standards and Practice Papers

Insurance Information

Insurance Information from RID

Addiction Treatment and Rehab For Deaf And Blind Individuals: